This Record has more than a handful of gems but there's also this wonderful aspect of the album itself that portrays a very genuine and personal output. This is one of the biggest reasons why listening to the full album is really a better way to soak Amoreena  in as an artist. 

Vocally she has both power and fire but there's also a dynamic to it in the way that she performs it all. It's not like It's tricky, but it's balanced and I think that that's something a singer and an artist should really know how to do when they're putting so much into a record, especially one like this. 

 And this artist pulls it off without a hitch. Not only that but there's a certain kind of charm to the record as well and to her really that comes through and once you get pulled in by that it's hard to come back out. The record is vast and has a big feel.



Blind Devotion



Amoreena’s New Single "Blind Devotion," Is A Beautiful Poetic Call To The Hopeless Romantics


Amoreena's new single "Blind Devotion" is a beautiful and poetic call to the deities of hopeless romanticism. 

With a laid-back vocal melody and falsetto chorus that is sure to charm listeners, she shares a story of love so blindly strong there's no telling who will get hurt in the end. 

Amoreena is an up-and-coming artist who is dubbing her genre "Drama-pop." This new genre is a mix of sounds and influences reminiscent of pop artists Rina Sawayama, Marina (and the Diamonds), The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Charli XCX with 80’s Femme Diva’s Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, and Kate Bush.






 Step Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light With Amoreena’s New Hit Single, “Pastel Pink”


Amoreena's new single "Pastel Pink" takes us on a dynamic synth crusade, driven by her breathtaking vocals, new cadences, and unique production. As we proceed on this magical journey, she describes her feelings and experiences and shows us how she uses her lyrics to portray how unique and distinctive she can be. 

Amoreena uses her many talents and exhibits what she thought would only be another one of her many records. "Pastel Pink" will have you were dancing and singing from the top of your lungs. You might even be calling it your new favorite.






The most recent release from the soulful Amoreena brings out a beautiful cross over between pop, classic disco, and a retro-pop style



"Pastel Pink" is absolutely killer from start to finish with heavy-handed half-time beats, classic nostalgic keys, building percussion and all that along with her massive belting vocals really break this out of the norm and into a unique and danceable single arena.


-RAG World

Anyone Else


Amoreena Lights a Fire Within Herself in "Anyone Else"

"Tapping into the fiery passion in her vocals, the fortified energy of Brittany Rose comes to life in her most recent single, “Anyone Else.” The tantalizing instrumentation creates a multidimensional foundation for the dark glimmers of her infused genres to take a spirited approach within the gamut of bedroom Pop. Transferring her lyrical thoughts to paint glowing imagery on the subject of lust, Brittany Rose speaks into themes of knowing you have the deepest desire to make the person that’s had your eye all night out of the crowded room and into your own divine universe."

-Buzz Music 




"Amoreena Brings a 
fun visual of a party feel" 

In this video we see her talent as an artist directing “QuaranVisual” which is a fun way to say she’s resourceful! During these interesting times of Covid she finds a way to still produce a music video and bring visuals to light. Primarily shots of Brittany singing in her video as well as DESTROYING a pomegranate. She brings a fun visual of almost a party feel which plays part into how her song is about being at a party and trying to get them all for yourself.

-Ground Sounds