Production, Mixing, Mastering 
-All Your Friends Are Dead
-Control Freak
-Black Widows 
-Scorched Earth 

"The music accompanying the songs All Your Friends Are Dead, Helium Heart, Scorched Earth, and Black Widows are a whole other story.

A lot of love and care went into these songs in particular. All Your Friends Are Dead and Scorched Earth really stand out as brilliant, with excellent scoring and masterful mixing. 

The mixdown and mastering on Act I are impressive, too, making great use of the stereo field."

 Parlor City Sound

Handcuffs - Elise Noelle


Burn - Elise Noelle

Production, Cowriter, Mixing

In The Clouds - Elise Noelle

Production, Mixing

Production - Fever, Angel, FMEO

Backing Vocals - Give It To Me

Decennium - winnie

Production, Mixing, Mastering

Circuition - Winnie

Production, Mixing, Mastering